Souvent demandé: Precision Bass Ou Jazz Bass?

Which is better Precision Bass or Jazz Bass?

The nut on the Jazz Bass neck is 1.5″ wide, whereas the Precision has a 1.625″ nut. This makes the Jazz Bass better for players with smaller hands. Precision players prefer the more “even” feel of the Precision’s neck from low to high registers. The Jazz bass neck is also rounder than the Precision’s.

Are Precision Basses good?

The Precision Bass They’ve good enough for any level or player, including working pros, so don’t feel like you’re missing out. Yes, expensive Fenders and fantastic, but these basses are really good too. The Precision Bass is punchy and powerful, with a full sound.

Are Jazz basses easier to play?

Its tone meets a very specific expectation and this is where this bass excels. It’s easy to use and good at one thing. That’s not to say some players don’t gravitate to the Jazz bass first. Physically it’s easier to play and provides the player a wider sonic variety of tone with it’s dual coil pickups.

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Who makes the best jazz bass?

Top 9 Best Jazz Bass Guitars – 2021

  • Ibanez SR375EF-BBT 5-String Fretless Bass Brown Burst.
  • Squier Classic Vibe Jazz Bass 60s Jazz Bass Laurel FB Black.

Can you slap on a jazz bass?

You can play slap on any bass.

Why are P basses so good?

The P bass has a very clangy, punchy, characteristic tone which is usually harder to get on most basses because they typically opt for humbucker pickups. As such, people who want this tone (if they want to play punk rock for example) will nearly always default to the P bass.

Can a Jazz bass sound like AP bass?

Short answer: Not exactly, but can get close. This is a very frequently asked question, and is usually answered as: Solo / emphasize the neck pickup.

Can I put a Jazz bass neck on AP bass?

Yes, for the most part Jazz an P necks are interchangeable. The neck pockets should be identical.

Why is it called P Bass?

The name “Precision” came from the use of frets to play in tune more easily than upon the fretless fingerboard of the double bass. The electric bass, however, lacks the distinctive acoustic qualities of the double bass, offering a more solid, harder-edged sound with more sustain.

What bass does Thundercat use?

Thundercat also tends to lavish on four-string hollowbody basses. In this case, he also opts for Ibanez. The AFB200, which is a new model, seems to be the most plausible option, again, due to its versatility.

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Is Jazz bass hard?

No it is hard. Players tend to develop a bit of a repertoire of changes from one chord leading in to the next – you’ve recognised this – sounds like you’re on the right track. Luigir likes this.

What is a jazz bass used for?

The Jazz Bass has a bright sound, with more high end than the Precision Bass. This makes it ideal for slap playing as well as finger-style players. This bright sound is because of the two pickups at different points in the string’s length.

What’s the difference between AP bass and a jazz bass?

A Jazz bass is an offset instrument, much like a Fender Jaguar or Jazzmaster but with a long lower horn cutaway. It’s defined by its bridge and middle single-coil pickups. The P bass has a double cutaway like a Strat but larger and chunkier. These have two specific pickup configurations, either a P or PJ pickup sets.

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